Friday, January 20, 2012

Teenage Pregnancy.

So, what’s wrong with teenage pregnancy anyway? Teenage pregnancy, in my opinion, has become a bigger problem than it’s ever been in the past. The teenage pregnancy rate dropped a few years ago, but now it’s rising higher and higher each year. There are still an estimated one million teen pregnancies in the United States alone. 85 percent of teenage pregnancies are unplanned. Teenagers from the ages 13-19 aren’t mature enough to neither have nor raise a newborn baby. Teenagers also may not be able to provide the care a baby need’s, maybe no care at all. Some teenagers who become pregnant unintentionally may not know what to do, so they make bad decisions by getting an abortion, which in my opinion is totally wrong. Or they could have a miscarriage, accidentally or purposely. Abortion isn’t the answer to becoming pregnant only being a teenager; there are always other options such as adoption. Adoption is such a great program it doesn’t only help teenagers be able to live a normal life still, it also gives couples who are unable to have a baby the opportunity to have one. So with all the facts and things about teenage pregnancy, what do you think is wrong with teenage pregnancy?

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