Friday, February 24, 2012

TacoBell (:

Why should there be a taco bell in Paris Illinois? There are many reason's why there should be a taco bell in paris. Reason one: there aren't very many places to eat in paris and with everyone on lunch break, kids from school, people from work, we need more places to eat. Reason two: almost everyone i know loves taco bell, and thats a way for the taco bell company to make more money because i gaurentee a lot of people would go to taco bell if we had one in paris. Reason three: we need a taco bell in paris because a lot of people go to taco bell in terre haute, clinton, and many other places and with people who want to eat taco bell has to drive a ways just to get what they want and thats putting peoples lives at risk. Those are my three main reasons why i think we should have a taco bell in paris. I really love taco bell because their food is really good and they have a variaty of choices to choose from. Having a taco bell in Paris would also save a lot of gas for people who live in Paris. Those are some reason's why i think we should have a taco bell in Paris Illinois. What do you think?

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