Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I would have to say my favorite sport is Volleyball. Volleyball has been my favorite sport sense I started playing it in seventh grade. I think I like Volleyball so much because it's work learning how to play and it's difficult to learn what to do and specifically how to do it. I like to have a challenge in almost everything I do and Volleyball was one of my biggest challenges. I'm very competitive and Volleyball was something I enjoyed, it made me happy. I always looked forward to practice because I wanted to learn more and more about Volleyball and I just wanted to keep getting better and better. The thing I looked forward to the most is the games and tournaments. That was my favorite part of Volleyball because I loved getting pumped and ready for a game because I had so much confident. Volleyball is my sport. I love playing Volleyball so much it’s like my “happy place.” 

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