Thursday, March 15, 2012


Why should cigarettes be abandoned? There are multiple reasons why cigarettes should be abandoned. They are very bad for your health, they yellow your teeth, and they turn your lungs black. Cigarettes are bad for your health because your health risks increase a little more with every drag. Even if you brush your teeth everyday three times a day, or seven times a day your teeth will still rot and turn yellow. The biggest problem with smoking cigarettes is your lungs. Not only will your lungs turn black and you have a very high risk of getting lung cancer, you can’t move like you can if you don’t smoke, and what I mean by that is you won’t be able to run, walk, or exercise as good if you smoke cigarettes. Those are all good reasons why people shouldn’t smoke and why cigarettes should be abandoned. Now, those are the health problems that may occur from smoking, and that’s not all that’s bad about smoking. When you smoke or you’re around your friends or family that smokes, it stinks. And it stinks really badly, your clothes and hair will reek of cigarette smoke and your breath will smell very bad. Also with every drag of a cigarette it pollutes the air with that nasty smoke and it’s just not healthy for anyone. That’s some more good reasons why cigarettes should be abandoned. I don’t think many people could fight this because there are no good in cigarettes at all, so don’t you think cigarettes should be abandoned too?

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