Monday, March 5, 2012

South Dakota.

I love going to South Dakota for vacation. South Dakota is a beautiful state and everything about it makes me want to go back even more. The thing I like the most about South Dakota is that the people there are so generous and kind no matter what, and I also like the neighborhood I was living in while I was there. South Dakota has a lot of different things to do to entertain yourself unlike here in Paris where there is absolutley nothing to do! In South Dakota there is a beautiful view everywhere you go, the hills, and the millions of acres of land you can just look at while your driving, I love it all. South Dakota is somewhere I would love to live at, it's so peaceful. Another thing about South Dakota I love is the resteraunts are very good. I love eating while i'm there. I've only stayed in South Dakota for a couple weeks, and i've lived in Paris my whole life and I'd rather live in South Dakota. I love South Dakota, and I can't wait until I'm "able" to go and live there.

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