Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Family is something in your life you NEVER want to lose. Your family or even being able to have a family is something that's not only very special to have, its irreplaceable. Having a life’s worth memories with them isn’t something you can replace, being to different places and experiencing everything and life, you can’t replace any of that. Being able to come home after work, school, or other events, to a family that loves and cares about you is the best feeling in the world and losing that feeling will make you feel ill. By ill I mean, sick, frustrated all the time, and you’ll build up a lot of anger and the anger isn’t because of anyone else but yourself and that’s what makes it even worse. Losing your family make’s you so mad, upset, and disappointed at yourself and it’s not a good feeling. When times get hard and you feel like you don’t have anyone to turn to and you don’t want to do anything besides “runaway”. Rethink! Because when times get hard and you feel like you don’t have anyone to turn to and you just want to “runaway”, your family’s there. You may not know it and it might be hard but they really are there for you no matter what you think. When you get mad at your parents or your siblings and you want to “runaway” don’t because it will only make matters worse, take it from someone who’s experienced this, whose experiencing it at this exact moment. Even if you disagree, your family is all you got so don’t let a little anger get to you and force you to “runaway” and lose your family.

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